Spain offers visitors an excellent and wide diversity of interesting places to visit; in each Spanish city and Spanish town there is something of interest. All Spanish regions have their own Spanish speciality depending on the climate, geographical location . Spanish history and Spanish traditions. Barcelona the capital of Catelonia and second largest city of spain , has been home to many of the most famous artist of Spain.

Madrid City hosts many historical Spanish monuments. The Royal castle and Spanish museums like el Prado and Reina Sofia (with paintings of Velasquez, Goya, Miro and Picasso. The other must see places are city, unique in the world due to its Arab and Jewish influences, the Mosque, the Jewish Quarter, Granada and Alhambra Palace. Portugal is located in Southwestern Europe , countries near Portugal are Spain, Gibraltor and Morocco, a land blessed with contemporary attractions, colorful medieval villages, charming seaside towns; ancient castles, romantic palaces, and a rich architectural and archaeological heritage, constant sunshine, green natural parks , mountains, grand rivers, and a vast coastline.Five top places to visit: Lisbon, Obidos, Braga, Porto & Coimbra.