Greece is a country in Southeast Europe and was a birth place of Western Civilazation and Athenes the capital is the cradle of democracy, The First International Olympic games was held in Athens Greece is also famous for its ancient history and a legacy of rich culture. Greece is the favorite tourist destination for travelers the world over. Mild, temperate climate, sandy beaches, azure waters, and cozy island getaways are the major attractions of the country.

The Acropolis of Athens & Parthenon perched on atop the Acropolis is an iconic image . Greece has the most beautifull Islands in Europe. Santorini is placed as one of the top island in Greece it has the bests views of the sunset in the world. Crete the largest Island unspoilt mountains villages a trekkers paradise . Mykonos boasts of the best beaches in the country , the craziest nightlife and ridiculous’ll pay in Greece. Ferry trip is a good options to visit the Islands . There are tour cruise packages from Athens to the Greek Islands